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Название: HIP-HOP - Its Life
Отправлено: WayOf от 10 Ноябрь 2013, 04:40:29
да впринципе пох, вывалю, че) держи, если на стуле ровно сидишь))
пацанам уже поднадоесть успел, надо быстрее заканчивать))
задрочился писать))

I don’t know what a fuck I can going to do
That’s probably a reason I will be write this for world
But im don’t now why I speaking about it
Here's no roads. today is not snowing. clear my mind, i trying to not a copy anger
and not to do a real crazy things, what is really surprise, then brainstorming my mind
my body crushing and my mind like a dancing with wolfs, im really want doing smth bad,
because it so fucks my hole, like many people thinking its my mind

its so fearless in forest, i know you a scared, the woods was cracking their light from their own hearts..
many examples in my head cooperated. whats a real bad things, for what thins really bad on the heart...
simple examples, but im not want to live when my brains fucked out.
 i can talk with all of people, and talking, for a most of their thinking not so bad, when we sitting and drinking coffee, in full smoking night
but i cant stop and overwrite the humans stupid.
its really hard for my mind.

this things sitting in mind so long, and i know its not just lines on the head or maybe a pen or a pencil parking their autographs on the list with a long copyface.

its abstract from the head. i know what can real a smoke on the beatifull waterheadbanks

maybe smb say @hey, this guy was rite, his rap is not a just drug farm,
thats i can really called a hip-hop. and you know, i was really will be thanks to him,
but maybe smb call me a reall crazy, you dont know about me nopage, no even an article,
but i will be agree and with him - full story, you really can stop to hating me, because its enough from me, i cant giving even a world..
Goodbye, good people, and goodbye all haters
goodbye all of your. im really feel like a full bitch, for now tnanks, im really glad

many people today is living like a zombies. but maybe one of this animals sad its really and trully.
Not only say. he think about, why, and for what reasons i create this world.
and maybe he open for his shaky world, why i opened my soul to the public
not only to stay the mottles on the mirror. its not for museam my mynd was rushing by deamons.
i know that in the beggining was the water, then was the flame
what will be tomorrow you know yourself..

Hip-hop in our country leak a sieve
I can reckon the reals for my arms.
but i thank a god of winds,
that the real hip-hop is still life, i'm really glad
not in every small globe, but true mcs is still here
and they hard by the ass trying to make a music beatifull like a morning birdsigning.

Its so many wordamurders,
they saying like they stones
but after, their roots is rotted
they going to a place, wheres no earth,
wheres nothing they cant give a  smoking.
before the ancient era was beginning
i know so many stories
I know so many, that my head one day i think is stoned.

I think I named a couple names who rolling,
The most of people who call himself dreamteam scare or just shtuttheir mouse.
Hip-hop is thruth. he never not be doing deals like rat, its not prestiges
think so, i cant be person like you, with every single day im doing myself better
but not a warrior i am, i live to live in world
and saw on him romantic eyesis
i know what a talking. maybe you not see it on me
its you problems.  i believe that our souls are stronger that knife
that can one day cut someone's step. and give a end for smds life..

our life under the stone was created a very longtime,
says hello to perun. about world wargods i never right, fix it now.

For what reason people want to swimming but not want to study to swim in pool
For what reason we living, can you say me?
of course you dont know, you like the orthers - just a worker, fixing small detalies
just staff. and not a higher. you cant give your own wings
do what you must do, you life will be very long ang joyfull,
they lied you,
you trust...
but im a not believe, im not believe in world orders,
i believe in humanless, its very long trip, know it
bumerang and karma thats what i can burring to my body for a right,
I think about world can be illusion with many protection at ones
you think about how fully ass youlife

my mind high all topics.
but not achive a place where after coma standing by his own legs 1second deadman but he living,
he looking like an underdog but he still breathing...

International. peace to all my people
We live in dangerous time, its where we borth and living.
Jungle syndrom was here when the planet was created
and this will be all ways, all steps,
from evolution to atlantida in our boring hearts and stoned hoods

We all are deadmans before the blood in our boodies dont want to start a streaming
believe yourself, my bro, we flying under the canyons
and death is triyng to go down us to hell, i reach that fucking sky
but not saw this notes. what must be on the finishline

we cross all rivers, here so mane death, so many shame,
its underkingdom
we live, we take, we fight for what must take to us one day
and never will be must to an a man with duty hands.

what life can take from us? we building our own way
only lefterthings can download a virus to your brain.
Before the barans stopping, they saw so many things, but sure that they just a gabreals..
they saw the world like they are dead for this moment. but if you breath you must live.
you must create your own mind.

we eating this.. we eating our own lifes but never be like flock
We know what we really do. and why
i call this game culdesacobrain

we screaming and we fighting for what we can achive.
and never be in our hands, thinks it very strange,
like Bell X-1 and after it blackbird limit the his line
we forever here on this cosmodrom 1 hand must go Up!
higher than a boing flying while they are sleeping on the bedrooms
 its boytime... you must no loosing head

you saw this , we rulling ship.we rulling nations
 hip-hop for all, its our way, its our centure.
 Our lifes. Its our freeminds. and i really wish it to all

Now I right it for whatever – my feelings never lost,
my feelings get me better, I doing it from the heart.
 and maybe somewhere losted smth...
im know how go this to flyight
Название: Re: HIP-HOP - Its Life
Отправлено: WayOf от 10 Ноябрь 2013, 05:01:14
C ошибками, но рад)) маторезка бесит малясь)
2 слова напомнили песню снеговиков)
Название: Re: HIP-HOP - Its Life
Отправлено: WayOf от 13 Ноябрь 2013, 23:07:32
всем удачи в творчесьве, не бросайте писать, совершенствоваться. сморпех)))  в текстке ощшибок много,есть где доптсаь))
Название: Re: HIP-HOP - Its Life
Отправлено: MC от 15 Ноябрь 2013, 19:48:51
WayOf (;u=974), почему на английском? Ты когда треки запишешь?
Название: Re: HIP-HOP - Its Life
Отправлено: WayOf от 19 Ноябрь 2013, 22:12:45
хз, твитер перечитал :D я в армии щас
Название: Re: HIP-HOP - Its Life
Отправлено: MC от 20 Ноябрь 2013, 18:07:34
я в армии щас
Ясненько. Ты же вроде недавно ушёл топтать сапоги? &^&
Название: Re: HIP-HOP - Its Life
Отправлено: WayOf от 23 Ноябрь 2013, 00:05:41
2 дня до присяги осталочь, запах еще))